Find that WHOIS with one click

If you are a domainer or someone who is looking around to buy a domain name but are unsure how to find the owner of a name to make an offer, the answer is WhoIS.

Good old fashion who-is look-up is the standard way to find who owns that name you want, that is if they haven’t added a privacy service to the name. Then I would say that name is off the sellers’ block. They are hiding their name for any number of reasons.

Where do you perform the WhoIS look-up. One of the most popular look-ups is they change their name to a few years back. They offer more than just WhoIS look-ups making the name far more informative to what they do.

But that takes going to their site doing the search from their site: either typing in the domain name or pasting the name into their search box.

I find that is two to many clicks. I like the one click and the info is there, enter ulimate-domains.jpgI have been using the tool “link” for over a year now, but they offer a service so simple I felt inspired to write about it (finally). You can click & drag their WhoIS link-tool to your tool bar and when your on a site you want to know more about just click the link. Wham-O and you have a basic look-up right there in front of you. Very cool indeed.

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  1. Jarred April 8, 2008 at 4:51 pm #

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for blogging about the whois bookmarklet, we’re glad you enjoy it.
    Here’s an instructional video for anyone with a spare moment to watch a short movie about how it works.

    Kind regards

  2. Brian April 9, 2008 at 9:00 am #


    Your most welcome, but I still believe that you deserve the real thanks for providing such a simple solution to a common task that I and countless many others are using.

    Great that you have a short tutorial on how to add the bookmarklet and showing the power behind it.

    I was unaware that you can just highlight words on a page and perform a whois through Bonus! That movie has already taught me something.

    Have you uploaded it to youtube?

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