30 Oct

Merging Two WordPress Blogs

I have been doing blog post for longer than I had though. I run several blogs, as am sure many people in my audience do, but OregonPublishing.com/blog/ is kinda newer version of the old blog InternetAlchemist.com

I finally got the guts and time together to merge the two blogs. I wasn’t sure what I was in for so I set 3 hours aside for research and integration. Optimistic, I know.

Starting Out:

I set out using the always trusty Google Search Engine and plug-in some keywords

  • combine wordpress blogs
  • join two wordpress blogs
  • merge wp blogs
  • rebuild wp database with two blogs
  • Plugin for WP to merge blogs  (I was reaching for this one)
  • wordpress to wordpress blogs

I finally hit a great search page of results when I used Merging Two WordPress Blogs
Seems so clear now.

I started with trying to export my older blog and import it here, on this blog.
Wordpress to WordPress is a nice plugin to get your older version of blogs to export a WXR file of your entire blog
The old blog was running 2.0.1
Resouces used:
Aaron Brazell at technosailor.com

After the old blog upgrade:

Once I uploaded and activated the plugin and clicked on “view site”, checking to see if everything was still there, things started to come apart on me. I could no longer log in! I was directed to a page with only the words, “Your database is out of date. click here to upgrade.”
I clicked, and click, but nothing happened. I tried to log in again. Nothing. I was panicked and tried to recreated what happened on another testing server. Nothing good came of that either. An hour of that installing and importing the plugin etc. over and over. Nope. No login means…

I need a new password? :

New ideas crept into my head about resetting the password. I can not login and my email links to reset the password were not working.

Thanks to David from Devlounge I got a nice walk through on going in through the phpAdmin and resetting the password in the mySQL database tables.
davidcubed from Devlounge.net

Importing and checking:

Ok back in and heading for easy export to import
BigDan posting at WebtalkForums.com

Walks you through it with ease. There is no need for the extra cut and past steps given. The newer versions of WordPress 2.6.2+ allow for imports of images and attachments.

Happy Me:

Now my blog post goes back to sept 2006

Took about 3.5 hours and looks good.
I’m sure there will be things that need a tweak here and there, but I’ll get to those when they present themselves.

Good Luck Merging your Blogs



I suggest that you disable plugins you’re not using before you go into this. I didn’t and had a few go foobar on me. Simple fix was to deactive and reactive. But if you had code you tweaked, like similar post plugin embeded in theme editor files,  I had to re-paste the code.

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