Vista “hacks” to run more like Windows 7

Want your vista to be more like Windows 7, but don't want to pay?
Here is great vid I found while researching Windows 7.

These are all hacks and use 3rd party software so "enter at your own risk"

Here's the video:

And for those doing a clean install of Windows 7, even if you have a OS installed, check out this Video.


Disc Golf : Selling a complete line of discs, clothing & accessories

Have you heard of the sport of Disc Golf? This recent website development is geared to that market. Pure Disc Golf is a business created by, run by, and sport played by Andrew Rich. In his own words, "I always dreamed of running my own pro-shop, helping new players develop their skills, and fostering growth in the sport. "

Andrew came to me with his old website, that was using some sort of yahoo store template, that was in need of a whole new design and shopping cart system. Andrew has inventory stocked and ready to sell; Golf Discs, Branded Clothing, and disc golf accessories. I offered a shopping cart solution installed and set up ready for him to start selling, it even has live USPS shipping pricing. The cart is easily manageable by himself to add products and categories, create specials and coupons, create invoices, track sales via report,, add product images, cross sell related products, allow customers to give product reviews and personal accounts and more. Andrew can handle everything from a backend administration panel.

Along with his Disc Golf Shopping Cart Website he needed business cards and a nice twitter background to complete the branding package to restart his business with an online component. All work and designs were complete and delivered within 30 days.

Learn more about Andrew Rich
Visit Pure Disc Golf
Contact Andrew via his website


Elegant Sports Jewelry

Have you every thought about how sports fans like to get all dressed up to support their favorit team before the the game. The wear Hats, jackets, scarves, big foam finger-thingys. Some fans, women fans in particular, like to show their spirit in a little bit of a different way….JEWLERY!
That is the concept behind one of my more recent projects, Elegant Sports Jewelry, that uses the Magento Shopping cart/cms platform. It was a new platform to me when I started, but I feel comfortable getting around under the hood. The user community is ok-to-good for support, mostly just users helping users, as the platform is completely open-source.
Elegant Sports Jewelry is all hand made by Michelle Reid. She has a passion for her work and it shows.  Dave Reid has been my main source of contact as we developed the site and have made updates. A pleasure to work with and a very understanding person with a sense of humor that is perfect working on tech-projects. You can also follow what Elegant Sports Jewelry is doing on FACEBOOK. Elegant Sports Jewelry’s main focus to start out with is geared toward the college Alumni, but over the past month they have started to add professional sports teams to there product line.
Next time you are looking for sports gear that shows a little more style and class than the Big-Foam-Finger-Thingy…point your browser over to

Stephanie Lichtenstein Message on Affiliate Tax

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have already seen the awareness badge on several blogs. This is an effective and easy way to spread awareness. This is an icon displaying our concern against the advertising tax as well as all the states being affected. Please feel free to add this to your blog or site.

The most important thing you can do is link the awareness badge to an educational resource that relates to the advertising tax. There are many you can link to such as:
Our Facebook Group:
Affiliate Tax Law Forum:
You can even link to an advocate blog such as Melanie Seery:

Link where you wish, the idea is to spread awareness and education about the harm that the advertising tax causes.

Here are the banner HTML codes:
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Oppose Advertising Tax – Support Small Business" width="125" height="125" /></a>

<a href="http://"><img src="" alt="Oppose Advertising Tax – Support Small Business" width="160" height="160" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Oppose Advertising Tax – Support Small Business" width="250" height="250" /></a>

I have added different website links which you can edit. The awareness badge looks like the new facebook group icon but it is flashing with the affected States along with their Bill numbers. A big thanks to Joel Garcia for creating this for us. If you have any ideas on how to help, run with it! Every little bit counts.

As you can see in California we were victorious. We still need to keep an eye on things. As for Minnesota, we need more affiliates in this State to step up. Connie has been working hard and would love some support from other MN affiliates. Please feel free to email me with any questions or ideas.

Thanks and have a great weekend!Thank You Stephanie for the hard work you and the many others that have been putting into this. I’ve posted a badge and pass the word along to some of the local groups I attend.

IE CSS :hover needs link reference

I noticed another silly IE CSS quirk when styling links.

In this particular case I was using a CSS Sprite and on mouseover the Sprite-image should slide up to show the hover state to the next link in a jquery coda slider type display.

The Sprite’s CSS attribute :hover worked fine in FireFox, but when testing in IE there was no reaction to the CSS :hover state.

Turns out that you have to add a hyper link reference or IE will not recognize that there needs to be a switch.

I applied the href and now the silder arrow button-images are  is working great in IE7


This worked in FF but Not IE  :<a class=”prev”></a>
This was the fix <a href=”#” class=”prev”></a>

Don’t you just love messing around with cross-browser compatiblity.

This little nugget of info only took me about an hour and half to figure out….after I had adjusted much of my CSS code to figure out what was going on.
Nope the CSS was fine…geez.

Dreamweaver has java errors.

As I was working today just fine when Dreamweaver 8 started acting up and spitting out errors.

The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

At line 56 of file “D:Program FilesMacromediaDreamweaver 8ConfigurationSharedCommonScriptsdwscriptsExtData.js”:
ReferenceError: dwscripts is not defined

Well a search on the ole’ google turned up others have been having this trouble for years.

I would like to thank Heidi Bautista and her tip on how to fix this and cyberskillsguide  for helping find those pesky files that I swore were in another folder.

*note: Yes, I did have the hidden files in view mode.

Ok work flow continues, but still wonder what corrupted that file. Maybe a new Extension I added a few days ago…maybe

If this happens to you, hope this helped you out like it did for me.

Live Auction Results from Domainer’s Mardi Gras


For those following the domain industry below is a list of names that were sold in the live auction, their reserve price and sale price.
Congrats to the owner of and to the new owner of Great sale that toped the auction had a reserve of $500,000 and that looks like it never made the sale. Worth the money, but not so easy a sell in current economic conditions.


Lot NumberTitleReserveSale Price
212430MardiGrasBasketUSD$ 0USD$ 300 ♦USD$ 3,500USD$ 5,000
193671Decor.netUSD$ 1,500USD$ 2,900
206502MardiGrasTube.comUSD$ 500USD$ 500
212428CandyCane.comUSD$ 10,000USD$ 10,000 ♦USD$ 0USD$ 300
212406Titillation.comUSD$ 0USD$ 1,400
212411Jobless.comUSD$ 10,000USD$ 14,000 ♦USD$ 3,000USD$ 5,250
199779Resolve.netUSD$ 1USD$ 800 ♦USD$ 3,000USD$ 3,500
212403ShowMeYourBoobs.c♦USD$ 0USD$ 850 ♦USD$ 0USD$ 1,750 ♦USD$ 5,000USD$ 6,500
190124Suntanning.comUSD$ 22,500USD$ 22,500
212391Babefest.comUSD$ 0USD$ 650
212431CrawfishBasketUSD$ 0USD$ 150
212437TextLinks.comUSD$ 22,000USD$ 22,000
212434Dreamy.comUSD$ 4,000USD$ 9,000 ♦USD$ 1,500USD$ 1,500 ♦USD$ 0USD$ 1,666 ♦USD$ 2,500USD$ 3,750 ♦USD$ 4,500USD$ 4,500 ♦USD$ 0USD$ 303
201511BusinessProblems.c♦USD$ 0USD$ 850 ♦USD$ 5,000USD$ 5,000 ♦USD$ 0USD$ 600
212439Overwhelmed.comUSD$ 0USD$ 3,700 ♦USD$ 300,000USD$ 300,000 ♦USD$ 0USD$ 1,100 ♦USD$ 999USD$ 1,000
185945MedicalTextbooks.c♦USD$ 1,000USD$ 1,500
212438TicketBooth.comUSD$ 2,100USD$ 3,800 ♦USD$ 0USD$ 400 ♦USD$ 2,000USD$ 2,000 ♦USD$ 0USD$ 800
212432VooDooDollJayUSD$ 0USD$ 125
212433VooDooDollAmmarUSD$ 0USD$ 275

Merging Two WordPress Blogs

I have been doing blog post for longer than I had though. I run several blogs, as am sure many people in my audience do, but is kinda newer version of the old blog

I finally got the guts and time together to merge the two blogs. I wasn’t sure what I was in for so I set 3 hours aside for research and integration. Optimistic, I know.

Starting Out:

I set out using the always trusty Google Search Engine and plug-in some keywords

  • combine wordpress blogs
  • join two wordpress blogs
  • merge wp blogs
  • rebuild wp database with two blogs
  • Plugin for WP to merge blogs¬† (I was reaching for this one)
  • wordpress to wordpress blogs

I finally hit a great search page of results when I used Merging Two WordPress Blogs
Seems so clear now.

I started with trying to export my older blog and import it here, on this blog.
Wordpress to WordPress is a nice plugin to get your older version of blogs to export a WXR file of your entire blog
The old blog was running 2.0.1
Resouces used:
Aaron Brazell at

After the old blog upgrade:

Once I uploaded and activated the plugin and clicked on “view site”, checking to see if everything was still there, things started to come apart on me. I could no longer log in! I was directed to a page with only the words, “Your database is out of date. click here to upgrade.”
I clicked, and click, but nothing happened. I tried to log in again. Nothing. I was panicked and tried to recreated what happened on another testing server. Nothing good came of that either. An hour of that installing and importing the plugin etc. over and over. Nope. No login means…

I need a new password? :

New ideas crept into my head about resetting the password. I can not login and my email links to reset the password were not working.

Thanks to David from Devlounge I got a nice walk through on going in through the phpAdmin and resetting the password in the mySQL database tables.
davidcubed from

Importing and checking:

Ok back in and heading for easy export to import
BigDan posting at

Walks you through it with ease. There is no need for the extra cut and past steps given. The newer versions of WordPress 2.6.2+ allow for imports of images and attachments.

Happy Me:

Now my blog post goes back to sept 2006

Took about 3.5 hours and looks good.
I’m sure there will be things that need a tweak here and there, but I’ll get to those when they present themselves.

Good Luck Merging your Blogs



I suggest that you disable plugins you’re not using before you go into this. I didn’t and had a few go foobar on me. Simple fix was to deactive and reactive. But if you had code you tweaked, like similar post plugin embeded in theme editor files,¬† I had to re-paste the code.

Google Phone Approved By FCC


I have been wanting to get an iPhone for some time now. I am already with ATT and just learned that the plans include "unlimited" internet for about 5 dollars more than I pay now. I have also just learned that the new Gphone named "DREAM" is a go for google.

Main article I read is here

Latest News

The long anticipated and first Android handset, the HTC Dream is all set for a Fall 2008 Release. You can expect the phone to have some great features and specs to illustrate the power of Android, Google’s new open source mobile operating system.

and to get a even more information on what the DREAM is go here


Hmm now I wonder if I’ll just wait and see what shakes out of the competition. The 4 year old razor still works fine.