21 Great Domain Blogs

  1. The Conceptualist – http://www.conceptualist.com/ Sahar Sarid’s blog. Sahar is co-founder of Recall Media Group and self-made domain entrepreneur. I check this one every day. *
  2. David Carter’s Blog – http://www.david-carter.com/blog/ David is a domainer from Birmingham, U.K. *
  3. Domain Name Journal – http://www.dnjournal.com/ Ron Jackson’s domain name magazine is not strictly a blog, but is an industry leader. *
  4. Domain Name News – http://www.domainnamenews.com/ Run by two domainers, this blog supplies domain industry news, particularly coverage of domain conferences. *
  5. The Domainer’s Gazette – http://www.domainersgazette.com/ Billed as ” Domainers Covering the Domaining Industry”, this is Peter Askew’s domaining blog. Peter started this blog in March 2007 and has posted much useful information. *
  6. DomainTools Blog – http://blog.domaintools.com/ Jay Westerdal’s blog is updated frequently and provides heavy coverage of domain name conferences and auctions. Jay is a frequent poster on NamePros.com as well. *
  7. Domain Name Wire – http://www.domainnamewire.com/ News source for the domain name industry written by industry experts and edited by Andrew Allemann. *
  8. Dominik Mueller Domain Name Consulting – http://www.dmueller.com/ Dominik, who has been in the domain business since 2003, specializes in the sale and acquisition of premium domain names. *
  9. Elliot’s Blog – http://www.ElliotsBlog.com/ Elliot is the owner of Top Notch Domains LLC, which owns a strong portfolio of generic domain names. Easy to read. *
  10. Inside Domaining – http://www.insidedomaining.blogspot.com/ Steve Granville-Smith’s blog. *
  11. The Key – http://blogs.business2.com/sloan/ Paul Sloan’s blog is a member of Business 2.0’s Blog Network, and is very domain industry oriented. *
  12. Name Brief – http://www.namebrief.com/ Bret Fausett is not a prolific poster, but his writing is interesting and relevant. *
  13. The Rick Shwartz Domain and Traffic Blog – http://www.ricksblog.com/ Rick Schwartz, the “Domain King,” says that he is “famous for ruffling feathers.” In any case, he is one of the leaders of the domain name industry and his blog is indispensable reading for any serious domainer. *
  14. Seven Mile: the Official Frank Schilling Blog – http://frankschilling.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Frank Schilling is one of the lords of the domain name industry. Any domainer can learn a lot from him. *
  15. Tropical SEO – http://tropicalseo.com/ Crude language but insightful posts on SEO (obviously), domaining and “competitive webmastering.” *
  16. Whizzbangsblog.com – http://whizzbangsblog.com/ – Michael Gilmour’s domaining blog These last four are not specifically domaining blogs, but are superb resources nonetheless: *
  17. Aaron Wall’s SEO Book.com – http://www.seobook.com/ An important blog about online marketing and search engine optimization. Updated daily. *
  18. doshdosh – http://www.doshdosh.com/ Subtitled “helping you make money online”, doshdosh.com is an incredibly useful blog. Updated daily, there is a wealth of information here about blogging, website monetization and promotion strategies, and online entrepreneurship in general. *
  19. Income.com – http://www.income.com/ (click through to the blog page). John Reese’s Income.com blog contains a lot of useful information about marketing, traffic generation and SEO. *
  20. StevePavlina.com: Personal Development for Smart People – http://www.stevepavlina.com/ Steve Pavlina’s blog contains enough material on personal development to fill several books. He also writes about blogging and making money online, and he knows his stuff.

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