What is Search Engine Optimization?

The common term used to describe Search Engine Optimization is “SEO”. Since the web was introduce to the public Search Engine Optimization has become a normal part of business online. Your website has many elements that can either help or hinder your placement in a search engine results page or “SERP”. These elements include:

  1. Relevant and Current Content Creation
  2. Site Architecture & Structure of Content
  3. Proper Programming and Server-Side File Usage
  4. On-Site & On-Page Optimization
  5. Keyword & Key Phrase Targeting
  6. Off-Site Linking Strategies
  7. Organic Back Links
  8. Paid Back Links
  9. Landing Pages
  10. Social Network Linking

SEO Consulting

When you hire, Oregon Publishing, Inc. to consult about Search Engine Optimization you are in good hands.  Brian Kitching, Owner and Operator of Oregon Publishing, will answer your questions and offer possible solutions regarding to search.

What should you expect?

  • General Review of your current website (if you have one & done in advance)
  • Advisement on improvements to increase the value of your website
  • Discussion on current search engine optimization myths
  • Question & Answer Session : An open forum with you and your staff

If you do not have a website, but have considered a website as part of your overall marketing strategy,  SEO still applies to you. Proper Development of your website is part of your overall complete page ranking scores. Don’t start building your website before asking questions.  Oregon Publishing is here to help you capture leads through search engine optimization.

 SEO Planning

This Stage of SEO is for those who already have gone through a SEO  Consulting Session. You should have a general understanding of SEO terms, have a website, and have your website previously evaluated.

If you meet the above requirements we can begin planning your website’s SEO strategy. There are several areas of your website that will be addressed based on your consulting session. Not all websites are the same, neither are the goals of your business’ website. Each strategy offers a different plan to get to your goal.

You website may require special landing pages, creation of unique content, information form(s) and poll surveys, external link building, and other ethical SEO techniques. Your SEO plan is created uniquely for your specific needs and is implemented over several months. We suggest a minimum of 6 months to allow us to get you better placement and keep you there.

Once your plan is discussed and approved we begin working on implementing your SEO plan.

Implementing and Developing Your SEO Plan

When you have your SEO plan in hand there are various time periods to implement them. Some techniques required careful development, for example page sculpting, other methods are more forceful such as a back-linking campaign. Either way, your website should gain value organically to the different search engines.

You may not see results right away, hopefully you don’t see too much advancement right away. Sounds great, but really this may not always be best for the long term. Once we have started to develop some quality links and engage in some social media marketing, larger type campaigns can begin.

The point to remember in SEO is slow and steady wins in search rankings.

SEO is not a guaranteed business. SEO experts are always at the mercy of the search engines algorithms. They can change how the web is indexed at any moment. Quality SEO techniques that build organic ranking should stand the test of time. Knowing what is ethical and what constitute bad morals in your online search marketing campaigns are vital to your survival in obtaining and maintaining your position in search.

Did you know BMW got banned from Google back in 2006 because they used a single poor SEO Strategy?  Read More Here