Question that need considering

Gathering and Organizing Materials


General/Defining Goals

  • What are the goals for our site; why are we building it?
  • What is the central message we want to convey through the site?
  • What is our “wish list” of what we’d like in a site?
  • What is our budget range for this project?
  • Timeline of project? 2 weeks 6 months?




  1. Registered Site Address/URL/Domain Name:
  2. Additional Domain aliases (i.e. an address that forwards to your primary site):
  3. Site Title:
  4. Primary site email address (e.g.
  5. Additional email addresses / Aliases:
  6. Hosting Plan: Gold - Platinum - Diamond


Content / Organization

  1. What specific information do we want to offer visitors through the site?
  2.  What information do we already have available that we want to include in the site?
  3. What specific sections and subsections do we know we want to include on our site?
  4. What content do we need to provide that we don’t have yet, and where will it  come from; how will it be created/developed?
  5. Do we have any slogans/statements/taglines that we want to use on this site?
  6. What resources/services, if any, do we want to offer through this site?
  7.  How do we want to structure our content; do we have a navigation scheme in mind?

Web Site Pages

Number of pages based on degree of content/function modification.

Page Suggestions:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Portfolio and/or Image Gallery
  • Contact
  • Location/Map
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Others?



  1. Who is our target visiting audience(s)?
  2. Are they likely to be tech-savvy, or tech-limited?


Download a PDF of  All Questions




Providing links to other websites for examples of what you are looking for are tremendous help. It doesn't have to be the whole website, perhaps it's just one feature on one page your found online. Look and feel is also great to see...a url is worth a 1000 words.