Apple and hacker, the iPad leads the way to Virus

I was just looking over the Reg and was thinking about how much Apple users have really enjoyed the almost non-threat of Malware and Viruses in general.

Part of that enjoyment came through the lack of use of Apple Products. The Audience of computing devices to hack was greating the in PC area vs the Mac. With the invention of the iPad and the wide popularity of its use I think we call all see what is to come next. Mass attacks on the iPad.  The Security is lacking as you can read:

Hackers jailbreak new iPad hours after it hits the shelves

Custom code rope-ladder up the Apple garden wall

Video Hardware enthusiasts managed to find multiple different ways to jailbreak the new iPad over the weekend, hours after the release of Apple’s latest fondleslab.

Hackers were quickly able to develop custom code that allowed them to escape Apple’s walled garden and install unapproved apps on the new iPad with iOS 5.1. 
Three different groups developed methods for jailbreaking the new iPad. None of these methods have yet been packaged into point-and-click tools just yet, but the apparent ease with which three different approaches to jailbreaking were developed means that utilities to automate the process are likely to arrive sooner rather than later. 

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