Facebook: celeb-only edition: Not Famous? Get out!

Superstar cluster-Zuck as Facebook tries out celeb-only edition

That’s right, unless you hold celebriety status you do not get access to Mark’s new venture. The ploy is to get the celebs off Twitter and looking at Facebook. That has to great for Facebook business. Facebook, after all, does have a working advertising section, whereas twitter still isn’t using it’s platform for much advertising.

From the article:

Facebook is building an anti-social network which will ban ordinary people and only allow celebrities beyond its virtual velvet rope.

Zuck’s advertising empire is reportedly working on a “VIP app” that non-famous people – whom Elizabeth Hurley once famously described as “civilians” – will not be allowed to use.

Sources told All Things D the celeb-only app hopes to tempt famous people away from Twitter and post all their inane witterings on Facebook, where they can use the new app to monitor what people are saying about them.

Of course, what they might not be able to do is post raunchy selfies, a la Rihanna, because Zuck’s censorship team are not particularly keen on nakedness. Twitter, by contrast, doesn’t care – as long as you’re not using “pornographic” images in your profile picture.

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