Mekala’s, Women’s Business Network and Extravaganza!

This past week has been a very productive and excited time for Oregon Publishing.
Several websites have been completed and relased from development into the wild web.
Then we held a sponsored event known as Extravaganza, to promote more networking, B2B and B2C
Thai Cuisine
I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Mekala’s and The Underground Pat Morris through networking with Alex Vincent of Their website went live last Saturday. Mekalas is setting up a new addition to The Underground Lounge…a nice little covered spot outside with a pool table…sweet!
Women's Business Network

The Women’s Business Network, commonly known as WBN locally, after a bit of a stumble is now a fully fuctioning paid membership website. The clean fresh feel of colors and layout were created by Joyen Pendowski Owner,  Ruby Porter Marketing and Design. I look forward to working with WBN and the members more in the future. 
Local Networking : Eugene Oregon
Then on Tuesday Night this week we held Extravagaza‘s! Fouth Birthday Bash at the Hilton in Downtown Eugene. The turnout was amazing. This community of Eugene and Springfield really do want to build relationships with each other. Networking is the Life Blood of many businesses andExtravaganza is a FREE event! All our sponsors and the people who came made the event not only possible, but a real hit! Over 200 people in attendance and we gave away over $2500 in Prizes!
Photos of that to come soon.


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